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MELTDOWN: A new study has found that Earth's ice is melting almost 60% faster than it was 30 years ago.

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BIRTHDAY BEARS: Bears at a wildlife center in New York enjoyed cake and other treats, celebrating their January birthdays together.

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Sanders' race is one of the first tests of former Pres. Trump's staying power in the GOP.

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Timelapse footage shows funnel cloud spotted in San Diego as yet another strong Pacific storm moves into California.

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The license of a Nashville attorney has been suspended for four years after he posted advice on how to get away with murder.

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24 states from California to Maryland are on alert for snow, ice and flash flooding.

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NEW: California Department of Public Health lifts stay-at-home order for all regions statewide on Monday.

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At least six people have been killed and thousands displaced after cyclone Eloise brought heavy flooding to Mozambique.

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BREAKING: Pres. Biden has officially reversed a ban on transgender people from serving in the U.S. military, the White House announces.

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Some foods are as good for your mental health as your physical health.

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CLOSE CALL: Dash camera footage shows vehicle lose control on an icy highway in Nebraska. No serious injuries reported, but authorities are reminding drivers to slow down in wintry weather.

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Replying to @ABCPolitics: NEW: GOP Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio says he won't seek reelection and plans to end a career in federal government spanning m…

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NEW: GOP Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio says he won't seek reelection and plans to end a career in federal government spanning more than three decades.

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"I get call after call every day now, people saying, 'I'm going to join whichever practice is able to get me the vaccine first'—and they're willing to pay a premium for that access."

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LET IT SNOW: Snowfall in the British capital was a novel experience for some of the inhabitants of London Zoo.

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LET IT SNOW: Joshua Tree National Park saw a gentle snow fall across the area, as much of California saw a colder, wetter weather pattern.

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JUST IN: Dominion Voting Systems sues Rudy Giuliani, accusing former Pres. Trump’s personal attorney of carrying out “defamatory falsehoods” about the company.

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RAVING MAD: Police storm an illegal rave with over 300 people partying in a locked railway arch amid stay at home restrictions in London, England.

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Fifteen states already allow concealed carry without a permit, and lawmakers in nine others have proposed allowing or expanding the practice.

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Days after Pres. Biden took office, Sen. Rand Paul, would not unequivocally say Sunday that the 2020 presidential election was not stolen and called for an investigation of fraud, without providing evidence.

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