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Perspective: Matt LaFleur made the wrong choice, and Tom Brady looks like he made the right one

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Chicago Teachers Union votes to refuse in-person classes and continue remote instruction

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Coronavirus updates: Biden to ban travelers entering the U.S. from countries where variants have spread

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Analysis: Shutdowns by Democratic governors did not cause the pandemic jobs crisis

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Biden to sign order aimed at pushing federal government to buy American-made products

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Crying may help with pandemic stress, especially if you do it around another person

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Tennessee man with zip ties at Capitol could face charges of sedition, other felonies after riot, prosecutors say

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Soldiers injured in fresh border skirmish between India and China

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Democrats press ahead with second impeachment trial, as GOP is divided on how to defend Trump

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Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr. joins The Post to discuss what it means to be the first Black chief of a U.S. military service and how artificial intelligence will reshape air combat.

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After Capitol riot, police chiefs work to root out officers with ties to extremist groups

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Six shot dead, including pregnant woman, in "mass murder," Indianapolis officials say

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Moderna vaccine protects against British and South African variants, company says

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Voting machine firm Dominion files defamation lawsuit seeking $1.3 billion from Rudy Giuliani, a lawyer for former president Trump

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Lawmakers in both parties lobby White House for a more targeted relief bill

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Deborah Birx said Trump was being given "parallel data" on covid-19

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A Texas man who stormed the Capitol threatened to "assassinate" Ocasio-Cortez, feds say

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On the face of it, the Arab Spring failed spectacularly — not only by failing to deliver political freedom but by further entrenching the rule of corrupt leaders. For many in the region, though, it is seen less as a failure than an ongoing process.

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Autocrats rule with an even tighter grip. Wars unleashed by threatened leaders have killed hundreds of thousands of people. Millions were driven from their homes to become refugees. The Islamic State ravaged Syria and Iraq.

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